Nursing / Residential care services

Our highly trained carers prioritize comfort and dignity, approaching personal care with discretion and respect for personal boundaries.

We ensure your comfort, safety, and optimal recovery.

Our nursing care services offer skilled medical assistance, comprehensive health monitoring, patient advocacy, emotional support, and patient and family education.
Our nurses offer skilled healthcare services which include, medication administration, wound care, chronic conditions, pain management, post-operative support and monitoring of vital signs.Prioritizing patient well-being, we collaborate with healthcare professionals to develop personalized care plans, empower patients with knowledge, promote open communication, and enhance quality of life.

24/7 Supported living services

We aim to help people with long-term mental health conditions become more independent and achieve their goals in a safe, comfortable living environment.
Each service has its own personality, with our licensed health professionals and peer support specialists. We strive in providing evidence-based treatments, therapy, counseling, and support to help clients address mental health and emotional concerns. The team ensures continuity of care and connects individuals to community resources and support services.
We also provide rehabilitation and step-down programs for adults with mental health needs and challenging behaviors. To support individuals on their recovery journey.


Our services offer support and care for individuals struggling with substance abuse, mental health and Resdiential care learning disabilities.
Our dedicated team is committed to providing a supportive, non-judgmental, and nurturing environment where individuals can find the resources and support they need to overcome challenges, regain stability, and improve their mental well-being.

Mental health nursing

The teams supports individuals with diverse mental health needs, including primary diagnoses like schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder, bipolar, learning disability, autism, and personality disorder. Our mental health support services include counseling, therapy, diagnostic assessments, medication management, group support, psychoeducation, a holistic approach, and personalized care plans.

-We Celebrate small steps forward, whilst promoting resilience: Promote independence
Community integration
24-hour support -Meal preparation and groceries: From grocery shopping to planning and preparing nutritious meals that you will love.
Clinical assistance, Cognitive behavioral therapy

All these daily services we offer are designed to promote our clients well-being, social connections, and personal growth.

Residential care for learning disabilities

Committed to exceptional care and positive living experiences for disabled individuals.

Our multi-disciplinary teams offer behavioral, emotional, and psychological support to individuals with learning disabilities. Our team is friendly in their approach and works with external professionals to develop bespoke communication tools for residents with difficulties processing information. This approach helps them thrive and achieve their goals.
With our designed residential care programs that address unique challenges for individuals with disabilities, ensuring a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment through tailored activities and services like:
-Therapeutic recreation
-Social events
-Fitness programs
-Life skills training
-Educational opportunities
-Creative arts
-Personalized leisure time
We also prioritize community integration, residents actively participate in activities, collaborate with healthcare professionals for comprehensive support and well-being.